About Me

What I do…

I use my background in journalism to achieve our shared goal: telling your story in ways that people remember.

• I create riveting interviews with compelling characters.

• I use clear, tight writing to drive home why viewers should care.

• I work closely with creative production teams.

• I deliver projects on time and on budget.

Who I am…

I have worked on every platform in TV journalism, beginning in Chicago where I covered breaking news, produced magazine-length stories, and was a principal member of an investigative reporting team with a national reputation for excellence.

The adage in Chicago newsrooms — “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” — gave me an appreciation for thorough research and the illuminating details that make a story stand out.

From Chicago, I moved to CNN, where my focus was documentary storytelling. Working with some of the network’s top correspondents, I have interviewed scientists, soldiers, celebrities, CEOs, federal agents, foreign leaders, fundamentalists, academic experts, gang members, politicians. And one mime.

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