How To Rob a Bank  

Emmy Award
Robbing banks with a gun is passé. It’s easier to use stolen identities to plunder checking accounts, defraud credit cards, and launder stolen checks. There are no armed guards. No security cameras. And you can work from home.

God’s Warriors  

George Foster Peabody Award
DuPont-Columbia Award
How a small group of young Israeli rabbis changed the course of history with their movement to settle the West Bank, and why today’s Jewish settlers risk their lives to claim what they believe is their religious birthright.

Our Planetary Police

Emmy Award
As the Cold War ends, the United Nations has the potential to be a powerful force in resolving international conflicts.

Fit To Kill  

National Headliner Award
Emmy Nominee
Soldiers break the taboo to talk about what they actually do: They kill. How do they cope with the memories? The interviews are graphic. The pictures are hard to watch. But they take us from the dark corners of the battlefield to the long road home.

Homicide In Hollenbeck  

International Documentary Association Award
The corrosive effects of gang violence as told through the personal stories of the cops, the criminals, and the crusaders.

Back To Baghdad  

Overseas Press Club Award
A cold war between the US and Iraq continues five years after the Gulf War.

The Arms Race On America’s Streets

Emmy Nominee
High-powered, semi-automatic handguns fuel an arms race between police, criminals, and law-abiding citizens.


Emmy Nominee
An American nun tortured in Guatemala copes with permanent psychological scars.

Scream Bloody Murder  

New York Festivals Gold World Medal
The stories of those who tried to stop genocide, only to be shunned, ignored, or told it was somebody else’s problem.

The U.N. at War & Peace

Georgetown University Weintal Prize for Diplomatic Reporting
Ineffective efforts to stop genocide in Bosnia – on the fiftieth anniversary of the UN Charter.


(Thailand victim segment)
DuPont-Columbia Award
Two Dutch sisters at a beach resort in Thailand are swept away by the 2004 South Asian tsunami. One lives; the other dies.