“Andy Segal has the rare gift to at once make a program that is intensely smart and educational while taking viewers on a journey through wonderful story telling.”

“Andy is brilliant. Period. His work is among the best I have seen anywhere.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta
CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

“Andy Segal is one of the finest documentary producers I have ever worked with. He has great interviewing skills that always elicit the rare but delicious human moments. He is a superb writer. In the field, his style is efficient and effective. With Andy, you are in good hands and you can be sure the finished product will be breathtaking!”

Christiane Amanpour
CNN Chief International Anchor

“Working with Andy is a rare privilege. You will be hard pressed to find someone more tenacious or diligent, with better journalistic instincts. His enthusiasm is infectious, his curiosity is inspiring, his writing is top notch, and he is a dream to collaborate with.”

Clarissa Ward
CNN Chief International Correspondent

“Andy is by far the most organized, meticulous producer I’ve ever met. His ability to boil down the most complicated concepts and then deliver a dramatic narrative that brings it all alive is unsurpassed in my experience. He is one of the most prepared, inquisitive, and thorough TV professionals you will ever see.”

Joe Johns
CNN Washington Correspondent

“Segal is a story teller, pure and simple. Scripts that are tight, concise, and beg you to keep reading. Documentaries that are dramatic, beautiful, and beg you to keep watching. And through it all, the facts that have you saying over and over again, ‘I had no idea.’ Andy’s ability to visualize, research, and execute has made him one of the best documentary producers in the biz. Segal is the real deal: must see TV.”

Drew Griffin
CNN Investigative Reporter

“Never have I worked with a producer/director who can zero-in so perfectly on the essence of the story. In Andy’s scripts, you witness his true gift; characters come alive and all the pictures talk. He is not only a master storyteller, but also a genuine, compassionate and humorous human being. He lights up a room and the screen.”

Kyra Phillips
Former CNN Documentary Correspondent